Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man - 200805093-1

Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man - 200805093

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نظرية الفستق - 200805062

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أسرارعقل المليونير - 200805090

Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man - 200805093

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In Act Like a Lady and Think Like a Man, Steve introduces women to the mindset of men, sheds light on many concepts and answers many questions.
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This book that is in your hands, you can enter the mind of a man and live with him, and understand him, and understand everything that goes on inside him. Act as a Lady and Think as a Man, by the great international writer Steve Harvey, the title of the book contains many meanings, and one of the most meanings that reach the minds of readers is that a woman thinks as a traveler thinks, and adopts his approach to thinking, but as it is said the meaning is in the poet’s stomach, where it beautifies This title has many meanings, and what the writer intends from this exciting meaning is for a woman to deal with a man according to his thinking and not according to her feelings and feelings, to precede him in thinking before he precedes you with his reaction, which has a great impact on your psyche.
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