Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • How to create account on
     Go to “Sign In” > Create your 3amir account > enter the required information > click on create account.
  • Can I order from if I live outside Sudan?
     Yes, but you need a shipping address in Sudan.
  • Can I order from without having an account?
     No, you must have an account. Otherwise, you can browse the website and view products as guest.
  • How can I pay on
     You can pay online with SyberPay using (ATM card number, QR, Cash Card, or Mobile Wallet) or pay cash on delivery.
  • Can I pay with any card?
     Yes, expect ATM card from below banks:
  1. Bank of Khartoom
  2. Alsalam Bank
  3. Omdurman National Bank
  4. AlBaraka Bank
  5. Faisal Islamic Bank
  • How much is delivery fees?
     Delivery fees in 1,000 SDG around Khartoum State.
  • How much does it take to deliver my order?
     Delivery is within 3 days after the order confirmation.
  • Can I cancel my order?
     Yes, you can cancel at any time before receiving your order.
  • Can I return my order?
     Yes, you can return your order within 3 days after receiving it. The order has to be the same as received.
  • How will I get my refund?
     If you paid online, the payment will be refunded back to your card within 3 days.
     If you paid by cash on delivery, you must share a card number in order to receive the refund within 3 days.
  • How can I track my order?
     You can track your shipment by click on “Track this shipment” in (My Account > View Order > Order Shipment > Track this Shipment).
  • Does have return policy?
     Yes, please check our return policy here.
  • Are all items on covered under warranty?
     No, it depends on the merchant description of the product.


  • What does it mean to sell on
     3amir is a local digital marketplace, created to serve and support businesses in the Sudan. Sellers with businesses of any size are welcome to use 3amir as their digital platform to expand their business online.
  • How can I sell on
     You can sell on by registering to the website using creating vendor account.
  • How do I open vendor account on
     It’s easy! Go to Sell with Us > Sign In > fill the required information. Once you have submitted all of the required information and received approval, your store will be live within 3 days.
  • What can I sell on
     We have many categories of businesses on 3amir, offering customers a wide range of products to suit their needs. 3amir product categories are Electronics, Fashion, Home & Office, Cosmetics, Baby & Toys, Books and Sports & Fitness.
  • What can I not sell on
     We do not allow selling of used items. Find out more about restrictions on 3amir merchant contract.
  • I’m registered as a seller - what’s next?
     Contact our Support to guide you through the selling process.
  • How do I get paid?
      Once you start selling on 3amir, we will automatically transfer your sales revenue (net of fees) to your bank account on a weekly basis.
  • What is 3amir’s selling models?
     The method with which you choose to stock, sell and ship your products with 3amir. At 3amir Fulfilled by 3amir (FB3) Stock at your store. FB3 is 3amir’s dedicated end-to-end support selling model, preferred by sellers and customers alike.
  • How will I know when I have got a sale?
     It depends on your selling model. If you are using “Stock at your store”, you will be notified via email and SMS whenever you receive a new order. All orders pending your approval will appear in the Vendor Panel. Sellers using the fulfilled by 3amir (FB3) selling model don’t need to worry about this. 3amir will manage your orders, inventory, return, and customer queries on your behalf.
  • How does FB3 work?
     Fulfilled by 3amir (FB3) is a premier selling model and operates as an end-to-end service provider for our sellers. Fulfilled by 3amir (FB3) is a selling model that allows you to stock your products in 3amir fulfillment centres (warehouse). 3amir will manage your inventory and customer orders, shipping orders directly to customers on your behalf. 3amir will also take care of customer queries and returns. Onsite all FB3 items are listed with “FB3 tag” allowing customers to filter by them. FB3 is popular with customers as it promises shipping within 24-hours of purchase.
  • Does have any fees when registering as a vendor?
     No, there is no registration fees.
  • What is the minimum price of items I can list to sell on
     There is no minimum price for any item, it depends on your pricing.
  • How to best choose image for items I’m selling?
     Remember shopping is very visual process and you to display your product in the best possible means. Therefore, please commit to 3amir picture requirement.